10 Mood Boosting Healthy Foods to Perk You Up

No matter how much you earn or how good you look, nothing can make you happier than a beautiful meal. While the effect food has on our physical health is undeniable, research is connecting food to our emotional health as well. Here is a list of 10 mood boosting healthy foods to cheer you up!

1.Black beans and Kidney beans


Black beans and kidney beans are packed with nutrients that improve mood, such as folate, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, and zinc. The folate in beans protects against a memory-destroying compound called homocysteine.



Chocolate is one of the richest sources of magnesium on the planet! Magnesium helps to calm anxiety and improve mood, which is one reason chocolate is craved during times of stress. Though high in fats, pure chocolate is cholesterol-free



Coconut’s fats are possibly the best you can give your brain. They’re rich in lauric acid and medium-chain-triglycerides that have been directly linked to happiness, clarity, and lower anxiety.

4.Fruits and vegetables


Another reason to eat healthy, whole foods! Those who eat a diet rich in whole are less likely to be depressed than those who ate lots of desserts, fried foods, processed meats, refined grains and high-fat dairy products. Fruits and vegetables are associated with lower risk of depression.



Eat more and more fish. Omega-3 fatty acids help ease depressive symptoms. Eating fish twice a week is associated with lower risk of depression and suicide.

6.Greek Yoghurt


Nothing can raise levels of mood-boosting neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain. With twice as much protein as traditional yogurt, dipping your spoon into deliciously thick Greek yogurt can help take the edge off and make you feel like a million bucks.



Lentils may be small in size but they pack quite a nutritional punch, and you’ll be benefiting yourself in multiple ways when you eat them. The folate in lentils does the heavy lifting for helping your brain function at its best and feel good.



Saffron is used to treat depression and is also used as a nerve-calming medicinal incense in Tibetan healing practices.



It may have been the abundance of iron in this leafy green that made Popeye strong. But, trust us, it was mostly the folate that kept him happy. Spinach is loaded with all sorts of mood-boosting nutrients, from depression-fighting folates to anxiety-easing magnesium. Spinach also contains plenty of zinc. The less zinc you have in your body, the more likely you are to be depressed.



Green tea is an incredibly rich source of antioxidants. Its depression-fighting properties can be traced to an amino acid known as theanine.


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