How To Prepare Healthy Food

Healthy eating is one key to good health. You will be able to curb obesity and major illnesses like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol etc. just by eating a healthy diet. You don’t need to stay away from the food you love – you can eat healthy and indulge in the foods you like whenever you want to by learning how to make healthy food. It all depends on how you cook and what ingredients you use for your cooking. For instance, there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t love his/her pizza, but at over 300-400 calories per slice, it’s not something that you can consider for your diet regularly.

However, if you make a few alterations and adjustments to the ingredients, pizza can be a well-balanced diet. It’s just a matter of implementing healthy cooking methods! Instead of the refined flour, you can use whole-wheat flour for the base; you can also control your oil and salt when you make your sauce.

What is the healthiest fast food?

Fast foods are always loaded with fats, refined carbs and calories. They are the complete opposite to what a healthy diet should be. So, you might be thinking how can fast food ever be healthy? What is the healthiest fast food? Well, the key to the healthiest fast food is eating right and watching the portion size.

However, there are a few options that you can consider and choose the best healthy fast food. They include:

  • Grilled chicken sandwich. You can pick whole wheat bread with a lot of salads.
  • Turkey breast sandwich with multi-grain wheat bread.
  • Thin crust pizza with prawns and vegetable toppings.
  • A six-inch whole wheat bread sub loaded with fresh vegetables and lean meat.
  • Grilled fish taco with avocado. Ensure that you opt for a soft shell, as the hard shell is fried.

How to cook healthy food?

Eating home-cooked food is the best way to stay healthy. When you cook your own food, you know what goes in your preparation and you can also use alternatives to healthy cooking. So, how to prepare healthy food? Here are a few secrets to healthy cooking methods:

  • Use unsaturated fats like olive oil, canola oil etc.
  • Use minimum salt. Use alternative seasonings like pepper, vinegar, spices, mustard or lemon juice.
  • Opt for whole grains or multi-grains instead of refined grains when you make your bread or chapatti.
  • Avoid refined sugar when you bake. Use fresh fruits or dry fruits instead.
  • Include fibre by using 4-5 variety of vegetables every day.
  • Replace whole milk with skimmed milk or low-fat yogurt while cooking.
  • Remove the fat and skin from meat before cooking.
  • Use low-fat yogurt when you make salads instead of mayonnaise.
  • Flavour your vegetables with herbs and spices instead of butter or oil.
  • Keep a tab on the amount of oil or dairy products you use while cooking.

How to prepare meals for the week?

When you are hard pressed for time, you tend to get a take away for your lunch or dinner, tossing aside healthy eating. But even if you are very busy, you can eat healthy by preparing your food in advance. Here are a few tips on how to prepare meals for the week:

  • Prepare a plan as to what you will cook for each day of the week.
  • Get your groceries and vegetables.
  • Keep containers ready and make space in your fridge.
  • Prepare your meals and put them in the containers.
  • Let them cool and store in the freezer.

There are various tips and tricks that you can read up online on how to prepare healthy meals at home. But if you are keen on knowing about core nutrition, you can take up Shaw Academy’s Nutrition course and start learning today!


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