7 Scrumptious Foods You Never Knew Were So Healthy

Eating healthy is never fun. Unless you counted dipping something in hot chocolate as healthy, I had no intention of going that road anytime soon. But guess what? I did and only because I found a whole new range of healthy food that are yummy too! Now, I’m totally the type of person to gloat about my new healthy lifestyle (like many of you out there). So here’s presenting my list of yummy food that’s also healthy!

1. Popcorn


This was one of the best revelation that I have made along the way. A movie date night can never be complete without popcorn and lucky for us, popcorn is a whole grain and that makes for a pretty healthy snack. All you need to do is replace the salt and butter in the popcorn with some olive oil and spices for an even healthier alternative.

2. Overnight Oats Smoothies


They are yummy and healthy as hell. The best part is you can get or make them in a range of flavors like cinnamon apple, raspberry, berry blast and even chocolate. Packed with enough fiber to keep you going throughout the day, these smoothies make the perfect breakfast recipe.

3. Baked Potatoes with Dip


Potato is assumed to be a fatty, starchy vegetable with no health benefits, all thanks to its unhealthy variations like french fries and mashed potatoes. What many people don’t know is that potato is actually good for your health if it’s baked or roasted. So don’t feel guilty if you see yourself reaching out for that baked potato for lunch!

4. Dark Chocolate


This one’s my favorite from the list! As long as it is dark chocolate and contains about 70% of cocoa, it’s healthy for you to have a bit of chocolate. Chocolate is high in antioxidants, fiber and also contains iron. According to some studies, dark chocolate can even help lower your cholesterol and even improve your skin.

5. Peanut Butter Banana Cups


These delicious cups are made of pure dark chocolate (rich in antioxidants), peanut butter (rich source of protein) and banana (antioxidants again). These healthy bites are perfect to kill those unhealthy cravings.

6. Watermelon Sorbet


What’s a sorbet? It’s nothing but a yummy dessert made of frozen water and a watermelon sorbet is probably the most healthy dessert option. It is made of frozen chunks of watermelon that contains enough water to keep you hydrated and is rich in vitamins A, C and B6.

7. Yakult


This yummy probiotic fermented milk drink is made of skimmed milk powder, sugar, glucose, natural identical flavor, water and exclusive probiotic LcS. Yakult helps to improve your digestive system and makes you more immune to harmful bacteria and prepares you for all seasons! Free from preservatives & colorings, it is the perfect choice for health conscious people . So, have a yummy bottle of Yakult daily with your family and stay healthy to be monsoon ready.

I’m headed to stock on my healthy yummy cravings, what are you waiting for?


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